Tiny Greens is a unique organic farm located in the flatlands of central Illinois. Bill Bagby started growing sprouts using hydroponics in 1986. After 7 years he decided to become a certified organic grower, building a new, eco-friendly building to grow sprouts, as well as baby micro-greens. Tiny Greens now grows more than 16 varieties of sprouts and baby micro-greens. Our most popular items are still mung beans and alfalfa sprouts. Some others are red clover sprouts, sunflower greens and ocean water-grown wheatgrass. Everyday new seeds are planted, sprouts are moved and washed, plants need to be picked, packed, and shipped. The operation runs year-round.

The farm is certified by the Global Organic Alliance, which helps with finding a supply of organic seeds, which can be surprisingly hard to acquire. We grow the seeds in compost that we create ourselves, made of a mixture of year old woodchips and leftover sprouts. We have never had to find an outside source for compost. As long as you keep the sprouts healthy, there is no need for using chemicals. Healthy growing materials also mean an end product that is higher in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

During the outdoor growing season, we also produce a bounty from our herb beds and vegetable gardens.

Check out details of our indoor production, herb beds, vegetable gardens, land and use of alternative technologies on the sidebar.

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